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3 Tips for Advancing Your Career as a Woman (Entrepreneur)

As a female entering any industry, let alone one dominated by men, as most industries still are — you should make sure that your first step toward achieving success as a female professional is to closely vet the company you’re thinking of joining.

5 Interview Tips for MBA Grads That You Didn’t Learn in Business School (Forbes)

The best rhetorical tool we have to convey emotion is story. When a recruiter asks, “Tell us about yourself,” it is not an invitation to walk through the bullet points on a resume. Have one or two stories in your pocket that highlight the value you can add.

How to Advance in Your Career When Your Boss Won’t Help (Harvard Business Review)

Being forced to assemble a group of advisers rather than having one great boss can be an advantage. If you’re too dependent on one person, you might fail to establish a resilient network and end up in the corporate abyss if your boss leaves the company.


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