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How to Boost Your Productivity with a Short Break (Fast Company)

Science has shown that breaks are good for you. They refresh your focus and help you get more done. Used properly, taking a break is like hitting a reset button.

Generation Z Is Disrupting Work as We Know It (Time Inc.)

Experts who spend their days thinking about office dynamics say that while members of Gen Z may not have the formal writing skills or emotional intelligence of baby boomers, they’ll be able to teach older coworkers how to learn new tools and skills on the fly.

Delegation Is an Art (Inc.)

One research study showed that 53 percent of business owners believe that they can grow their business by more than 20 percent if they only delegate 10 percent of their workload to someone else.

The Benefits of Working in Your Second Language (BBC)

Research has shown that people who can speak a foreign language are likely to be more analytical. Other studies have suggested that people who are bilingual make decisions in different ways from those with one language.



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