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How Should I Explain my Weaknesses in a Job Interview? (The Cut)

You’ll get far better outcomes for yourself if you use the interview as a chance to figure out whether or not the job is a strong match for you, taking into account what you’re great at and what you’re not-so-great at.

Your Work Isn’t Your Family (And That’s OK!) (New York Times) 

We spend more than 2,000 hours per year with our co-workers, so it seems only natural that we should think of them as family. We celebrate birthdays together, honour anniversaries, hang out at happy hours … these people are like a second family. Right?

Tweak Your Hiring Practices to Fit Today’s Tough Job Market (Inc.)

Finding the perfect candidate is a tall order, so business owners should be more flexible in their requirements for prospective hires, according to Howarth. Focus on finding people with strong personal skills or who match your firm’s culture,


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