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If you haven’t heard of orange wines, you’re about to, as they’re taking the world by storm. Buon Vino, an importer, retailer, wholesaler and passionate lover of high quality naturally produced wines from all over the world, explains, ‘Orange and skin contact white wines have experienced a renaissance in the last few years. With the advent of Natural Wine, this ancient method of producing wine from white grapes has once again become popular with artisan producers and consumers alike. Orange wine is made with white grapes but with maceration or ‘skin contact’ like a red. White grapes also contain an element of colour in the skins which varies according to variety. The colour imparts an orangey or pinky hue to the white wine during the maceration. The depth of colour generally depends on the length of skin maceration, a few days giving a lighter orange, several weeks a deeper darker hue. The skin contact also imparts different flavours and aromas, like spices, dried fruit, savoury elements, ginger, vegetables and more. Lastly orange wines have tannin from the skins like a red which gives them texture and structure in the mouth and helps them age well.

Orange wines are not red, not white, not Rose, but a category of their own. They are fascinating, versatile and the good ones, exceptionally easy drinking. They go with almost anything. Superb with cheese, amazing with white meat, they work with chilli and other spices, Asian cuisine and often desserts too. Lastly, orange wines represent a return to the origins of wine, they are nearly always from artisan growers working organically, made with low intervention and low sulphites. Try em, they are delicious!’

Buon Vino have a shop just outside Settle in the Yorkshire Dales and sell wines to restaurants across the North West. They specialise in authentic wine, wholesome and healthy wine with a sense of the ground and the vine’s natural environment, wine expressing the real taste of the grape and above all wine of exceptional quality. After over ten years trading, they now find the most delicious Natural, Organic and Biodynamic wines and bring them to you at the best price.

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