Princess Diana’s tiara hack is genius

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The royal family is full of style tricks that we could all learn from, including Kate Middleton’s packing hack, her coat trick or Meghan Markle wearing shoes that are too big for her.
Princess Diana naturally had several of those nifty styling solutions up her sleeve, not least one to do with wearing tiaras. Now granted, the rest of us probably won’t be wearing diamond headgear any time soon, but it’s worth knowing nonetheless.

The late royal would apparently wrap blonde-coloured ribbon at the bottom of her tiaras, so that they blended into her hair more easily. She would also mix and match with darker fabrics so that it looked more natural.
Of course, she had to wear tiaras so often that it’s only natural she came up with this solution. One tiara she loved above all was so heavy that it reportedly gave her headaches, but she kept wearing it anyway.

The late Princess of Wales also had a handy trick to stop her hats from flying off, especially when she walked off a plane: she would have combs sewn into them so that she could attach them more firmly on her head.

Kate Middleton adapted this to herself by adding a hairnet, so that her chic chignon hairdos wouldn’t budge in the wind.