Royal family members apparently shouldn’t take this off in public

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We can all imagine that royal etiquette can be an absolute minefield, as there are so many rules one should follow. Just a few examples include when Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis should start bowing to the Queen a ban on talking politics and no shellfish while on royal tours, there are too many to keep track of.
That’s not even touching on fashion, which has its own set of rules, such as royals shouldn’t wear diamonds before 6pm (pearls are acceptable), not wearing black during the day (but packing one black outfit every time they go away) and not wearing wedges near the Queen.

Another interesting, if a little outdated rule, is one to do with what they should and shouldn’t wear in public. Specifically, for some reason, royal women shouldn’t take their coats off in public.
Apparently, it would be ‘unladylike’ for them to do so and be akin to them undressing in public. So this explains why you might see Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle with coats on, or without, but never in the in-between stage.

If you look back at pictures of them and the Queen on official engagements, you’ll always notice they have a coat on, or if they’re headed indoors, you’ll notice in the pictures that they have taken them off. Where they do it is a mystery, perhaps in a secret room, or in the car if they get too hot.

Curious, but there you have it.