Social Goods | Gap and H&M Factory Workers Face Daily Abuse, Fur Opposition in China | Social Goods

Abuse Is Daily Reality for Female Garment Workers for Gap and H&M, Says Report (Guardian)
“Pressure to meet fast fashion deadlines is leading to women working in Asian factories supplying Gap and H&M being sexually and physically abused, according to unions and rights groups. More than 540 workers at factories that supply the two retailers have described incidents of threats and abuse.”

Fur Faces Opposition in Chinese Fashion Industry (Jing Daily)
“According to the SPCA, China accounts for 80 percent of the global fur trade. Several top fashion industry representatives met in Shanghai for the Sustainable and Fur Free Fashion Forum, including Chinese couturier Grace Chen and designers Michael Wong and Tiffany Pattinson.”

Is Inclusive Sizing Just Another Trend? (Racked)
“Inclusion is more than just selling clothes in larger sizes, say members of the plus-size community. It’s offering quality clothing to these shoppers in the array of styles and price points offered to their straight-size counterparts. It’s showcasing women of all shapes and sizes as models.”

H&M to Make Female Clothes Sizes Bigger (BBC)
“A spokesperson for the high street chain said: ‘We are taking the steps to change our womenswear measurements to be in line with UK sizing.’ Many shoppers have previously complained that H&M sizes are too small.”

Inside the Strict, Unspoken Dress Code for Women Political Candidates (Racked)
“The number of women running for House seats and state governor positions during the 2018 midterms surpassed previous years — yet they still remain the targets of unfair sartorial audits. Society still judges women more harshly even when they do follow the rules.”


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