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The Fur Sustainability Debate: Is Real Or Faux Better For The Planet? (Fashionista)
“The industry’s conversations have taken a distinctly 2018 turn, focusing not just on animal rights but also on environmental sustainability and whether wearing animals farmed for their fur still jibes with the lifestyle of today’s hyper-attuned customer.”

Balenciaga Issues Second Apology After Claims Of Discrimination Against Chinese Shoppers (Reuters)
“Balenciaga issued a second, longer apology after reports of a scuffle between Chinese and other shoppers in a Paris shop led to claims in China of racial discrimination by store staff.”

At Nike, Revolt Led by Women Leads to Exodus of Male Executives (The New York Times)
“As women — and men — continue to come forward with complaints, Nike has begun a comprehensive review of its human resources operations, making management training mandatory and revising many of its internal reporting procedures.”

Fast Fashion Goes Green With Textiles (Bloomberg Businessweek)
“Inditex and H&M are developing textiles to reduce the environmental cost of throwaway clothes. The initiative by Inditex SA, the company that owns Zara and seven other brands, highlights a shift in an industry known for churning out supercheap stuff.”

Chinese Clothing Industry Faces Rising Labour Costs And Slow Growth In Overseas Demand (South China Morning Post)
“While the country is still the world’s largest clothing exporter with enormous production capacity, oversupply at home, high labour costs, and rising global protectionism have all eroded its competitiveness.”


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