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Why the Fashion World Needs to Commit to an 18+ Modelling Standard (
“The Model Alliance recently announced its Respect Programme, an initiative to create industry-wide standards for models’ working conditions. Expanding on the principles outlined in the Condé Nast vendor code of conduct, it also includes complaint and enforcement mechanisms to assure those standards are upheld.”

Nike Criticised for Selling ‘Menacing’ $92 Balaclava (CNBC)
“Nike has been denounced for selling a balaclava that looks ‘menacing,’ and which critics say could incite gang violence. In one image posted widely on social media, a black model wears the balaclava, which covers his head and lower part of his face and extends to his chest.”

We Are All Accumulating Mountains of Things (The Atlantic)
“Most Americans are not curtailing their shopping habits. In 2015, Americans put 16 million tons of textiles in the municipal waste stream, a 68 percent increase from 2000. Over that same time period, the population grew just 14 percent.”

Is Clothing Rental the Secret to Making Fashion Sustainable? (Independent)
“The average number of times a garment is worn has declined by 36 percent since 2000. The potential value of the clothing rental market in the UK has been estimated at £923 million, and the model is already well established for certain items.”

Investigators Seize Fake Luxury Goods Worth Half a Billion Dollars (The New York Times)
“The government had seized enough counterfeit goods to fill 22 shipping containers, in a six-year investigation that ended with charges filed against 33 people. The goods were part of a scheme originating in China that stretched to warehouses in Queens and even to retailers in Illinois and California”


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