Social Goods | The Dark Side of Chinese Internet Fame, Tariffs to Affect Ivanka Trump’s Brand | Social Goods

Selling Pretty: The Dark Side of Chinese Internet Stardom (Jing Daily)
“Unlike their Western counterparts, many online wanghong in China feel that being conventionally beautiful is a prerequisite for success. Nearly 10 percent of current online celebrities have undergone plastic surgery.”

Ivanka Trump’s Company Could Get Hit by President Trump’s China Tariffs (CNBC)
“Leather handbags, like the Ivanka Trump Tribeca Box Satchel bag in dove that retails for $250, for instance, are made in China and are subject to the tax, according to the list.”

How an Instagram Diet Brand Uses Girl Power to Sell Hunger (Dazed)
“Flat Tummy Co was founded in 2013 and first gained traction for its Flat Tummy Tea, a product marketed by celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. The market is spoken to almost exclusively in language which mirrors the contemporary, empowerment-washed lingo of the faux-feminist branding.”

When Will Fashion Week Finally Go Paperless? (Fashionista)
“Fashion’s wastefulness reaches further than just clothing. Instagram is awash with images of individuals’ invitations to shows, presentations and parties. Tickets have no serviceable purpose after the show, destined for one grave: the trash.”

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle – Chinese Fashion Retailers Go the Extra Mile to Help Cut down on Textile Waste (South China Morning Post)
“Feimayi, a Shanghai-based NGO active in the clothing recycling since 2015, already has 1.8 million fans active on WeChat and Weibo, which offer blog posts to inspire low-carbon habits.”


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