The BoF Podcast Episode 47: Fashion in the Age of Biofabrication | Podcasts

Welcome to the age of biofabrication,” said Andras Forgacs, the co-founder and chief executive of Modern Meadow, a venture-backed biotech start-up that has managed to “biofabricate” leather without animals, attracting the interest of major players in the global leather goods business, which is worth over $100 billion a year and produces everything from car seats to luxury handbags.

Traditional leather supply chains can be long and difficult to manage. The irregular shape of animal hides, coupled with scars and insect bites, can mean 20 to 30 percent of animal skins regularly go to waste. Unpredictable weather can also lead to price volatility. They also involve the raising and slaughtering the billions of animals whose skins feed the leather supply chain each year in a process that is inefficient, cruel and comes with huge environmental impact.

While Modern Meadow plans to make the vast majority of its revenues by supplying other businesses, it has also developed its own consumer-facing brand for its materials: Zoa. Forgas said the name underscored his belief that “biofabrication is about celebrating life.” Importantly, Modern Meadow isn’t about leather replacement alone. “We want to make what we love about leather and go beyond that,” explained Forgacs. “It will be dozens or hundreds of materials. It’s an operating system to create new materials.” Watch the video here.

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