The chicest jewellery for women on our radar right now

Some of the best jewellery for women has finally been given its rightful place in the spotlight due to lockdown. (So at least you could say there’s one good thing to come of the past ten months and counting.) With most of us working from home and swapping our professional wardrobes for a nice top (on a good day) and some out of Z00m-shot sweatpants and slippers, these days, it’s the finer details that everybody’s talking about. 

No, we don’t mean the artfully arranged pile of books on the shelf behind your WFH desk, or the tasteful framed Matisse print in your video call background – we mean earrings, rings, necklaces and all the adornments in between.

Even party wear season – usually awash with sequin dresses – was all about the Zoom-ready accessories, cocktail rings and dreamy ear cuffs once the party moved online.

While pay checks might have once been put towards the latest designer bag drop, party dress or shoes worth suffering three packs of blister plasters for, these days we’ve got jewellery on the brain. And can you blame us?

That old adage still rings true in 2021: that the best things come in small packages. And let’s be honest, there’s no greater feeling than unwrapping a tiny box containing a symbolic piece of jewellery especially for you, from you. In fact, ‘treat yourself’ jewellery accounted for 40% of the jewellery market last year. 

Yes, we’ve been through our fair share of questionable style choices when it comes to jewellery (here’s looking at you, 90’s tattoo chokers) but these days, we can hardly move for jewellery brands offering grownup, ageless pieces well worth a pay day splurge. Because while fashion and beauty fads come and go, good jewellery never goes out of style. 

So whether you’re after the best gold jewellery for dressing up your WFH wares, or looking to go in hell-for-leather on the sparkle, we’ve rounded up the best jewellery for women to shop right now. (Note: feel free to forward this page to clueless partners/parents/relatives come birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions wherein you deserve a treat. Or just, you know, everyday.)

Happy shopping!