The story behind Princess Diana’s revenge dress
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  • Over 25 years on, the Princess Diana revenge dress remains one of the royal’s most iconic dresses of all time. You’ve all seen the pictures of Diana stepping out of her car in that off-the shoulder dress, but do you know the actual story behind it?

    Let’s take a walk down sartorial memory lane. The date was 20th November 1994, and Diana, Princess of Wales, was attending the Vanity Fair party at the Serpentine Gallery in London.

    It was a particularly significant date, because it was the very evening that Prince Charles made his notorious adultery admission in a tell-all television interview.

    Public opinion of him was rather low, with most siding with ‘the people’s Princess’ in the separation. The documentary was meant to paint Prince Charles in a more sympathetic light, however tings backfired a little when the interviewer asking him if he had been faithful.

    The heir to the thrown replied, ‘Yes. Until it became irretrievably broken down, us both having tried,’ a less than subtle confession to his adultery with Camilla, which was rumoured to have gone on for years.

    princess diana revenge dress

    So that same evening, while many were glued to their television screens, Princess Diana stepped out in the mother of all dresses.

    The black cocktail dress was actually commissioned from Christina Stambolian three years prior, but the Princess thought it too daring at the time. And it’s true that it wasn’t your typical royal dress, as it showed off cleavage, shoulders and *shock horror* legs as well.

    In fact, Diana had apparently planned to wear a different dress altogether to the event. According to The Telegraph, she had prepped a Valentino number, but details were leaked to the press so she changed her mind.

    It’s hard to know whether the Princess knew the effect the dress would have, but her former stylist AnnA Harvey did say she wanted to ‘look like a million dollars’.

    That she did, with the dress making triumphant headlines the next day, thus earning the ‘Princess Diana revenge dress’ title.