The Zara sale is the only thing getting me through lockdown
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  • If you’re already fed up with lockdown number three, then a healthy dose of escapism which won’t break the bank is all you need. I’m talking of course of the Zara sale. Now you might have been impatient and shopped it as soon as it started in December.

    However if you managed to wait, now’s the perfect time to grab a bargain, as loads of items are now 50% off and above.

    Does Zara ever go on sale?

    Oh yes. Zara often has mid-season sales, but the big ones are the Zara Black Friday sale and the end of season sales, which are usually in December and June/July. These usually include a wider selection of clothes across all categories.

    What are Zara special prices?

    If there isn’t a sale happening, fear not, there are plenty of Zara shopping hacks that will ensure you get bang for your buck. This includes the Zara Special Prices section, which although it isn’t advertised as a sale, is essentially one. You’ll usually find it right a the top of the womenswear section, written in pink, though that sometimes disappears if there’s a big sale on.

    In there, you’ll find clothing from every category, from dresses to coats and shoes, some of them reduced by as much as 50% off. Although it used to be Zara’s more basic pieces, now it seems to even include current collections, just reduced.

    Shop the Zara sale

    It’s a pretty tough job to choose, but I’ve managed to curate the sale down to to a few must-have pieces. Remember, once they’re gone, they’re gone, so now’s the time to invest in that piece you’ve always wanted.

    I’ve tried to stick to more timeless items (those you won’t feel so guilty about purchasing), but fashion is fun, so I’ve also included some more fashion-led pieces that will put a smile on your face. Happy shopping.