These Are the Best Loved Brands of Fashion-Forward Millennials | News & Analysis

NEW YORK, United States — Athletic apparel and lingerie are prominent in the minds of fashion-forward shoppers, but there’s no guarantee they’ll go on Inc.’s site to buy those items.

That’s according to a Goldman Sachs report with Condé Nast highlighting millennial shoppers and their favourite brands. The report’s analysis is based on a survey of Condé Nast readers, which it defines as fashioned-conscious and more affluent “It Girls,” as well as a survey of mainstream consumers.

Fashion-forward women aren’t buying online as much as other mainstream consumers, according to the report. While the typical shopper ranked Amazon as their preferred retailer for clothes, it didn’t even make the top 10 for the so-called “It Girls” in the survey.

“Fashion-forward consumers appear to be resisting this change” to online shopping, the analysts wrote in the report. “They choose to spend a greater proportion of their dollars in-store than mainstream spenders, and also grant less mindshare to Amazon.”

Here are the top 10 brands and retailers loved most by the report’s “It Girls”:

By Lisa Du; editors: K. Oanh Ha and Jeff Sutherland.


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