These are the top fashion trends to come out of TikTok
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  • Whether you’re on TikTok or not, there is no denying it’s very compulsive. From the American woman whose tea making skills defied all logic, to Katy Perry’s dancing skills, the social media platform is a treasure trove of viral content.

    And you might not think it, but it’s having an impact on fashion trends too, according to a new report to celebrate its two year anniversary. Admittedly, they’re not your typical catwalk trends, but they’re fascinating nonetheless. Here’s a round-up of the most popular ones, from Harry Styles cardigans to Disney Princess-inspired outfits.

    Tie-dye trend

    90s accessories

    • From scrunchies through to claw clips  TikTok has helped to cement 90s accessories as a fashion staple for 2020. Creator Hayley Laura Jones has shared her advice on the 90s fashion items everyone needs in their wardrobe – oversized sweatshirts, denim shorts and a cute little baguette. Whilst creator Hey Briya Jones serves up a truly TLC inspired look with her baggy jeans and crop top styling; and @marinelabezer shares this all leather blazer and cycling short look.

    Harry Styles cardigan


    • If Harry Styles’ cardigan inspired us to sew, the #cottagecore trend took it to a whole new level. TikTok creators have been dreaming of a life in the countryside with long flowy dresses, flowers in their hair and floral prints galore. With over 3.4 billion creations to date creators are showing us how to make cute dresses to how to style #cottagecorefashion

    TikTok: Home of Hacks

    TikTok is the place for intuitive hacks – Some examples of this include @brainymax showing users how to find the perfectly fitting pair of jeans, and @JessicaWangOfficial who offers styling hacks like how to tie a perfect bow in your belt and how to wear oversized shirts and @vanessardaniels who give top tips for upcycling and reimaging pieces in your existing wardrobe

    With 17.6 million creations TikTokers love to show off their looks for cities around the world. Wondering what to wear in ParisMoscow and Amsterdam? TikTok has you covered.


    • From outfit ideas inspired by movies, popular Netflix series and even cartoons, there are no limits to what the TikTok community can be influenced by. See some of our favourites here:

    These trends might not be for everyone (ahem anyone our age group at least), but there’s no denying they’re very creative.

    Now we’re off to style our mum jeans with our grandad cardigans.