Zara to Roll out Denim Customisation Pop-Up | News & Analysis

LA CORUÑA, Spain — Zara will launch a service to embroider names onto denim clothing in Europe this month, latching onto a customisation trend which has seen shoppers able to create their own Levi’s jeans or design their Nike sneakers in-store.

Sneaker- and jean-makers like Adidas, Nike and Levi’s have been offering customisation for several years, where customers can add their own modifications to clothes and shoes. Although it’s considered a hot trend, it hasn’t brought much in the way of revenue so far.

Pop-up customisation corners in three Zara stores in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Milan will embroider words on 13 different denim designs from a €19.95 pair of shorts to a €39.95 jacket from March 27, the company said on Wednesday.

Customers of Inditex-owned Zara in Italy, Britain, Holland and Spain will be able to order personalised items from the ranges online for delivery or pick-up in-store in an initial roll-out to test demand, a company spokesman said.

Respondents to the BoF-McKinsey Global Fashion survey identified personalisation as the number one trend last year.

Customisation ranges from smaller adaptations such as embroidery in-store to products designed almost totally by the customer like Adidas’s ‘Knit for You’ pop-up stores that create bespoke sweaters in a matter of hours.

By Sonya Dowsett; editor: Mark Potter.


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